Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How To Root any Samsung Android Phone?

A ultimate rooting guide for any samsung android phone

  1. Install android sdk in your PC and you will need adb to accomplish this. Get SDk from here.
  2. Download ChainFire's root  zip  and extract it. Get it from here: download
  3. Download the insecure kernel that you need.
  4. Start Odin.
  5. In Odin Click PDA and upload the kernel there.

  6. Turn off the device and take it in download mode.
  7. Click on Start and wait for Odin to complete.

  8. Go into settings -->Developer Options and tick USB Debugging.
  9. Open file browser and go where you have installed android sdk and click on "Open command window here".
  10.  Type: adb start-server and press enter.
  11. Close the command window and browse to where you've extracted ChainFire's zip.

  12. Holding Shift Key + right click on mouse then click on "Open command window here" and type "install.bat" and press enter.

  13. Phone should reboot itself

  14. Your phone is now rooted now install busybox from play store 

So, I hope this will be helpful for you. If any of reader know anything important to add up in this article then do share with us in comments.

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