Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How to change the Network Name (Service Provider’s Name/ Carrier’s Name) on an iPhone?

Do you want to change the Network Name (Service Provider’s Name/ Carrier’s Name) on your iPhone? Well friends, it’s really easy. In this Post, I’m describing that “How to change the Network Name (Service Provider’s Name/Carrier’s Name) on your iPhone?”
  1. First of all, Jail break your iPhone. (If it’s already done then go on for Step 2).
  2. Unlock your iPhone and go to Cydia>Manage>Sources.

  3. Now press Edit and then Add.

  4. You’ll see a window asking to enter the “Cydia/APT URL”. Write “” and press “Add Source”.

  5. You’ll see a Source Warning, press “Add Anyway”.
  6. After adding the source, open it. You can find it named as “SiNful iPhone Repo” in Sources.

  7. Scroll down to S and look for the “Springtomize 2 Cracked”. Open it.

  8. Press Install and then Confirm. The Downloading will start and it will take some time.

  9. After complete downloading and installation, you’ll see a “Restart SpringBoard” key. Press it to restart your Spring Board.

  10. After complete restart of the Spring Board, go to Settings>Springtomize>Status Bar.

  11. Now Turn On the “Use Custom Carrier” and just below it, write your name or whatever you want. (This is the text which will be shown in the place of your network name).

  12. Now go back to Springtomize and click on “Reload” on top right corner.
  13. A box will appear asking “Choose Action”. Click on “Respring”.

  14. After complete respring, you can check the name of your service provider is changed.

(Watch the video below to understand briefly).

I hope this will be helpful for you. If any of the readers want to add anything important in this article than share it with us in comments.

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