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How to Lock a Folder using a third party software “SysTools Folder Key”?

Do you want to protect your personal stuff from any unauthorized person? You don’t want anyone to open or modify your files. Or you want to lock some inappropriate contents from children. In this post, I’m describing a way to lock your files and folders using third party software “SysTools Folder KeyTM”.

About “SysTools Folder KeyTM”: It is a free software to download. This tool is providing very flexibility in locking our personal files and folders. Using this tool, multiple files and folders can be locked with or without password. Locking a Folder without any Password is very helpful when you don't want to remember any password.

Before we start, first of all Download and Install the “SysTools Folder KeyTM software.
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Steps to use “SysTools Folder KeyTM”:

For "Password Protected" Lock:

  1. Open the “SysTools Folder KeyTM.
  2. Now click on “Lock/Unlock” option as shown in the image below.

  3. Now select “Folder Locking” option and proceed to Next.

  4. Click on “Add Folder” button and choose the folder you want to lock.

  5. Now click under the “Password(Optional)” tab and write your password. Click on the “Lock” Button at bottom center.

  6. A window will appear saying “The folder locking process has been completed”. Click on "OK" button.


    Your folder is locked now. A lock icon will appear under status of your locked folder and your locked folder will also show a lock icon.


    If you want to open your locked folder then first you have to unlock the folder from the software.
  7. Open the software and click on “Lock/Unlocking” option.
  8. Now select “Folder Unlocking” and proceed to Next.

  9. Select the locked folder and click on “Unlock” Button.

  10. A window will appear asking for password. Write your password and click OK.

  11. Again a window will appear saying “The folder has been unlocked”. Click on "OK" button.


    Your folder is unlocked now. The unlock icon will appear under status of your locked folder and your unlocked folder will not show a lock icon anymore.

For "Without Password Protected" lock: Locking a folder without any password includes the un-installation of the software. Read the steps below:
  • Follow the same steps as in “Password Protected Lock” from “Step 1 to Step 6” but skipping the “5th Step”. Do not enter any password under “Password(Optional)” tab. You folder will be locked.

  • Copy the “setup-folder-key file (.exe file)” in your pen-drive and remove the pen-drive.

  • Now un-install the “SysTool Folder KeyTM software:
    - Open the "inins000 file (.exe file)" and a window will appear asking you that if you surely want to completely remove the "Sys Tool Folder Key" software.
    - Click on Yes.


    - After the complete un-installation a window will appear saying "SysTools Folder Key was successfully removed from your computer".


     (Un-intallion of the software will not affect the locked folder. Your folder will remain locked. Nobody can access the data of the locked folder.)
  • Now to open the locked folder, attach your pen-drive with your computer. And copy the “setup-folder-key file (.exe file)” file to your computer.
  • Install the software again and unlock your folder as same as in “Password Protected Lock” but skipping “10th Step” because you don’t need to enter any password.
      Important Note: Do not un-install SysTools Folder Key Software and do not change the locked folder location before unlocking the folder with the tool.
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